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Although every woman is different, a lot of women share similar pregnancy experiences. Please feel free to read through the stories of other women who have been helped by ArborWoman. Perhaps one of these will be an encouragement to you.
* Some of the names have been changed for confidentiality purposes. The information provided, however, is accurate.
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Judy...I Just Knew

I got pregnant in January, and I was supposed to get my period on, like, the 20th. But I just knew. It was really horrible, I just knew. And I knew that I wanted to have an abortion. Cause I was graduating and I just didn’t even have a job or any sort of plans and I don’t really want to marry him, or I didn’t at the time. I don’t know if that’ll change or not, but I’m 22, so I just wasn’t ready for all that and it was like totally overwhelming and scary. Like being a senior in college you kind of wanna just be immature and stupid and silly because it’s your last year to just kind of like blow off steam and do, I mean, like nothing but also I was like writing a thesis on doing all these like, you know, find a job and doing all these big kid whatever, I don’t know, real world things. Yeah, like where you’re actually trying to, you know, go out and do something after that. And no one knows what it is and no one knows what they’re doing. And so I was already getting so lost.





Beth...In Crisis

“When I took the pregnancy test in my dorm room and found it was positive, I was panic-stricken. My stomach was in knots. I wanted it all to go away as fast as possible and know that my life would be all right. I needed my life to get back to normal.”




Traci...Scared and Alone 

“How is it possible that I was pregnant? I was so careful. I didn’t sleep around. Now what was I going to do? I felt my mom would disown me if she found out. And my boyfriend well, he wasn’t exactly a serious boyfriend yet. This will ruin everything. I had no idea what to do or where to turn for help.”



Crystalline...No, I Cant Be

I was driving down 96 crying hysterically. Just crying my eyes out. Like I was like “I don’t know what I’m going to do. I know I can’t be that far along. I only have to be like one to two weeks. And I find a phone number and I’m like “I’m going to Ann Arbor because I don’t know anyone in Ann Arbor. No one’s going to tell anyone. So okay.” So I found ArborWoman and I came in and I was crying.” And she’s like “Don’t cry. It’s going to be okay. Like it happens. It’s life.” So we go into the ultrasound room and I’m like “I’m only one to two weeks pregnant. I’m telling you right now. I’m positive.” ”Why don’t you get on the ultrasound machine.” “I’m like “Oooh. Okay.” And then they told me I was 14 weeks and 5 days I was like “no way” and then I heard the heartbeat.”




Celeste...Too Soon, Too Soon

I came here, I was sitting there were like three woman here, and the other woman came in and like “yes, you’re pregnant.” And I was like “God. What am I going to do?” I was not ready at all. I mean I didn’t know anyone, and I still don’t. And I came here to Ann Arbor and like two or three months after that I got pregnant.



Veronica...I Never Expected This

What brought me here was that I think I kind of knew that something wasn’t quite right. I found out in April and so I came in here and I think I was trying to convince myself that it was something else. Like, I think my mom like said we had a history of ovarian cysts and I was really hoping that it would be that. Or just something all together different. But I think my heart told me something else because instead of going to the hospital I looked up the center online. And since it was like downtown and since I could walk there and it was convenient I thought that, you know, it wouldn’t hurt so to go in and have a consultation and get that out of the way. I remember the nurse coming in and kind of telling me and I don’t even remember how I reacted. I think I was in denial for so long and I didn’t even allow myself to think about that possibility. That when it kind of like hit me in the face, you know, and was right there, yeah, it definitely took a few days to let it sink into my heart and realize, you know, this is actually happening. But, you know, I think out of all the places I could’ve been, I think this place was the most kind in telling me the news and they offered the most support. So I don’t regret for a minute coming here.




Sandy...My Life Coming Together

Well, I just think that the repercussions are so difficult to deal with, the emotions for me after having my abortion, the emotional repercussions, physical too, and just the sick feeling every time you think about it for a while, like it’s hard and you’re heartsick. I think it’s against a woman’s body to do that. Like it feels against your maternal nature as a woman. So you have to really think those repercussions through before. And nobody knows that. You don’t know that as a young girl, or as a young woman, you don’t know that you have these maternal instincts and this whole like part of your body that you’re supposed to be using a certain way. And so it’s helpful for someone to maybe point that out to you before you actually go through with it, I think. Where I went for my abortion you’re just told how far along you are when you go there and they offer you counseling, but I didn’t want counseling there. I don’t know why. I just like, it’s very kind of like an assembly line sort of thing. People are kind of like pushed through there. They’re very nice. And they’re like affordable. They try to, they like talk to you and your significant other. They talk to you about the repercussions a little bit, like “you understand what you’re doing. You understand what this means. This is how it’s going to feel. This is … we have counseling post abortion. We have counseling pre abortion.” But I don’t know. You really need somebody who’s equipped to help you really look at this.
And that’s why I’m thankful for what I received here at ArborWoman. I think everyone is humbled by the experience of having a child or not having a child, almost having a child. So I think there’s no judgment here and I think it’s so nice to be able to be somewhere where you know whatever you say, even if it’s absurd or scary, they will just help you and support you. That’s it. Bottom line.
Healing. Um hum, healing. Yes. That’s exactly what ArborWoman has done for me. It has healed me.”



Sandy...Really Think About It

Think it through. Think it through. I actually have a friend who’s about to have an abortion and she’s a distant friend. She is very young. She is like 19 or 20 and she just got back together with her boyfriend and got pregnant and my friend, called me and was like “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to tell her. I don’t know what to say.” I told her just think it through. Really talk about it. Talk about the repercussions. Talk about what this means. Picture it both ways: doing it and not doing it. Picture your life. So picture your life having a child with this other person, or by yourself with the support of your family, and picture your life taking care of a child, moving forward and all the rewards and difficulties of that. And picture your life having an abortion, think about what that really means. Think about how that’s going to affect you, your significant other. Think about where you’re going to be in six months. How you’re going to feel in nine months. How are you going to feel in a year? How are you going to feel when you actually start having kids? You can think about so many different factors. And I didn’t think it through as much as I should have. It was very quick for me, it was a quick decision. And I did think about it for maybe two days, but that’s not enough time.


Our medical & counseling staff are by your side with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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